Where are all our game development projects?

So, yeah…

So far we have done 3 projects on Unity and 1 on FPS Creator.

Let’s name them and describe them:

VR Tour of Sindh (Unity, Android, VR) (2018)

Briefly, it’s an android virtual reality app made with Unity3D. It has a tour of Mohenjo-Daro and Jinnah’s Mausoleum.

Status: It’s a done project. All documentation is done, Credits are done. It’s ready to be published.

Problem: There is only one problem that we need a written permission from Harappa.com so we can use some of the information and images that we used on our InfoCard in the tour.


Space Runner (Unity, Android) (2016)

It’s a simple endless runner game in space theme.

Status: Documentation was done, Project was done and build.

Problem: Code has depreciated. Need to improve the gameplay, GUI, graphics, and code.

I will recode it and publish it.


Battle of IICT (Unity, PC) (2016)

IICT, University of Sindh is the institute that I graduated from. It’s an action game within the building I studied from. The objective is to save the institute from terrorist attack.

Status: Partially finished, Partially documented.

Problem: No backstory, Terrible GUI, no real gameplay.

I will probably publish it on steam with some improvement and then build a proper mobile build and publish it with proper gameplay.


Alien Escape (FPS Creator) (2016)

Inspired by Doom. Action Adventure and Puzzle game. Scifi, Space themed.

Status: Finished with proper documentation, good gameplay, and story.

Problem: Never can and will be built. FPS creator is such an old game engine when we built our game, it crashed every single time.

I, Mukesh Kumar Malhi and Sikander Awan worked on this project, we are still heartbroken that it never could be built.

I storyboarded, designed the game, made the cutscenes and made the second and third level of the game.

Mukesh did all the first and all other levels and helped in my levels.

Sikander did all the voice acting.

All I can do now is build each level separately (Which might result in terrible gameplay) and upload it or put the whole gameplay on Youtube. I might do both just so it can exist.


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